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How to Find the Best Property and Make The Best Buy

London, Ontario Area

Buyers may be new to an area or neighbourhood, but we are not! We can save buyers a lot of time, trouble and considerable money. 

With over 35 years of real estate experience, how can we fail? We are right on top of the ever changing market forces, and are knowledgeable about local schools, amenities, resale values and more.

Not every property that is available for sale is on the Internet or on So even if buyers are familiar with an area, chances are that we have access to propertis that buyers or some other real estate agents may be unaware of.

We are well positioned to not only help our buyers target the right properties and areas, but also to negotiate the best price.  We often introduce buyers to neighbourhoods they never even knew about or thought about!

Our services do not cost our buyers any money as we get paid through the transaction when they purchase a property and it closes! 

We have also designed a system to help identify your property requirements, and ultimately helps us target the properties that are best suited to your needs. And best of all, you will receive listings of properties for sale within minutes of them coming on the market and with the same information we as Realtors get! 

Since we were involved with over 65 property sales last year (the average agent in London sold only 6!!), when it comes to property-hunting it makes sense to have us in your corner!

Why Do Buyers Need Their Own Agent?

To find a property, buyers usually either look on the internet site, in the newspaper, see a sign, or simply do "drive by's". Buyers will then quite often call the Realtor whose name is on the sign or in the ad. Buyers often assume that the listing agent is the best person to deal with since they know the property.


The Seller's Realtor is the agent of the seller, and is legally obligated to get the best price & terms for the seller, not the buyer! Also, since they have a vested interest, they are not likely to tell buyers about other properties that may be superior to their listing and legally cannot do this! Buyers are really on their own.

Sellers have Agents...Buyers Should Too!

When buyers have their own loyal agent to represent them, that agent can spend the time and effort necessary to truly learn and understand what their buyers wants and needs are. They are better equipped to search out properties that most closely meet their buyer's needs, thereby saving considerable time, aggravation and yes, even money for their buyers!

The buyer's Realtor is able to advise buyers about any negative factors as well as the positive points of each property they may be considering and do often point out reasons why a property may not be the best investment. Every action or recommendation we make puts our buyers in the very best position and gives them the best advantage.  The most important thing we bring to the table is Advice and Experience!  "Experience is not Expensive, it's Priceless!" 

Before you start shopping call us so we can put our knowledge and 35 plus years experience to work for you by designing a plan of action to help you find the best property in a reasonable time frame at the absolute best price!

Contact us today at 519-471-8888.  Let us Share in your Journey to find your Dream Property!

Joyce Byrne, Broker
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