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What Buyers Need To Know About Property Inspections

London, Ontario Area

According to property inspectors, there are up to 100 physical problems that can come under scrutiny during a property inspection.

Whether you are considering an older property or a brand new one, there are a number of things that can fall short of requirements during a property inspection.

A Property Inspection normally takes 2 to 3 hours. Costs vary by area but generally run from $350 to $450 in the London area. To help property buyers better prepare for inspections, as well as get more out of them, we have prepared this list of items our inspector will examine or test for.

To RECEIVE A NO COST PROPERTY INSPECTION you must be a client of our Team (contact us to learn more).

Remember most property inspectors do not test appliances, central vac systems, garburators and the like, BUT WE DO!. They do not search for building permits, But WE DO! Discuss insurabilty issues, BUT WE DO!

Once you have decided on a property and we have successfully negotiated an offer for you, our property inspector will look at the property with an eye to the following items. If you overlooked any of these things yourself, you can be sure our property inspector won't!

Our inspector even returns to the property with you to reinspect any items the seller has agreed to repair as a result of our inspection and renegotiations. And at no charge to you!

We advise you to take your own pictures of every item that may be of significance to you personally. We will also take a full series of pictures for your records and ours.

We will send you a digital property inspection report that consists of pictures and descriptions of the components of the property that is approximately 30 pages. This report is easy for you to archive or if you like you can print a copy too! You will also receive a copy of our Property Owner's Guide with maintenance tips for protecting your investment, labels for your electrical panel and tags for all the shut off valves in your new property!

So, along with this list, our property inspection, our team's guidance and negotiating expertise, your property buying experience will be a smart one!  


a Doors and cabinetry hardware.
a  Faucets and toilets.
a  Furnace and central air conditioner
a  General state of humidifier and air cleaner.
a Wiring, especially any handyman work that may not meet code 
a The attic, to be sure there are no leaks and the sheeting and insulation look adequate.
a The eavestroughs.
a Shingles
a Windows.
a Light Fixtures and Fans.
a Garage door openers.
a Foundation condition.
a Electrical outlets.
a Electrical panel 
a Skylights.
a Ceilings.
a Water Pressure.
a Insulation (Asbestos, Vermiculite)
a Sump pump.
a Decks, Patios, Sidewalks.
a Appliances
a Central Vac

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at 519-471-8888 and ask for Joyce Byrne.

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