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Facts and Myths about Real Estate Agents

London, Ontario Area

Myth: The salesperson that shows you property is your agent.

Fact: Real Estate Agents are legally bound to protect the interests of the Seller, unless otherwise specified in a written agency agreement between a Buyer and an Agent. 

Myth: It is okay for a Buyer to give confidential personal and financial information to a Real Estate Agent who has shown them homes.

Fact: Real Estate Agents are required by law to reveal to the Seller any personal or financial information that they may know about the Buyer...unless the Buyer hires a Buyers Agent who represents them exclusively and not the Seller.

Myth: When a Real Estate Agent shows you homes and subsequently presents an offer to the Seller, that Agent will try to negotiate the lowest price on the home for you.

Fact: While the Realtor may indeed be motivated to make a sale, under agency law, the Realtor is still required to negotiate the highest possible price that you will pay, without losing the sale. You might get the property, but probably not at the lowest possible price unless you hire a Buyers Agent (your own Agent).

Myth: You will have to pay more for a Buyers Agent than a traditional Agent.

Fact: Wrong! The transaction itself will pay the commission unless you choose otherwise. In fact, a good Buyers Agent will probably save you thousands of dollars by negotiating the best price and terms possible.


A good Buyers Agent affords you a much higher level of protection by eliminating the conflict of interest and making the home buying process much more efficient.

We will provide you with the highest level of dedicated service, solid professional advice, and put you in a much better position to negotiate the best price and terms, and it costs you nothing extra!

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